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Delhi Homoeopathic Rules, 1958

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30. Where there is no complaint or no complainant appears, the following shall be the order of procedure :-

(1) The Registrar shall read to the Board the notice of enquiry addressed to the registered practitioner and shall state the facts of the case and produce beore the Board the evidence by which it is supported.

(2) The registered practitioner shall then be invited to state his case and to produce his evidence in support of it. He may address the Board either before or at the conclusion of the evidence.

31. The Board may, if they think fit. adjourn the hearing of a case from time to time, and shall inform the registered practitioner and the complainant accordingly. If they are not present or when the date to which the hearing is adjourned is not fixed forthwith the Regtrar shall intimate to them the date by registered letter at least 28 days before the date so fixed.


(1) Upon the conclusion of the hearing the Board shall deliberate in camera, and at the conclusion of the deliberation, the Chairman shall call upon the members of the Boards Present to cast their votes on the following questions according to the nature of the charge, namely :-


(i) Whether the registered practitioner has been proved to have been convicted of a congnisable-Offence?

(ii) If so whether the offence discloses such defect of charector as is in their opinion sufficient to make him unfit to practise his profession?
(b) Whether the registerd practitioner has been guilty of an infamous conduct in a profession?

(2) If the majority of members present (Including the Chairman Who shall have a casting vote in case of quality of the votes) Vote in the negative, the registred practitioner shall be dischrged.

(3) If the majority od the members present (Including the Chairman who shall have a casting vote in case of equality of the votes) Vote in the affirmative, the Boards shall order the removal of the name of the practitioner.

33.The Registrar shall upon the removal of any name from the register pursuant to the provisions of the proceeding rules of section 26 of the Act, forthwith send notice of such removal to the registered practitioner. Such notice shall be sent by registered letter addressed to the last known address or to the registered address of the practitioner. The Regtrar shall also send forthwith intimation of any such removal to the Dean or secretary or other corresponding officer of any body or bodies from which the practitioner had received his qualification or qualifications.

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34. Applications for re-entry in the Register of a name removed under section 25 of the Act shall be in Form 'H' and shall be accompained by the following documents namely :-

(a) The applicant's certificate, degree or diploma, if any;

(b) His cerficate of registration in original if the same has not been already returned;

(c) The renewal fee that was outstaning against him at the time of renewal of his name, and

(d) The perscribed renewal fee under Rule 21, from the date of re-entry.

35. Any practitioner whose name has been removed from the Register under section 26 of the Act but still posseses a qualification entitling him to be registered under the Act may make an application to the Board for re-entry of his name in the Register and the following procedure shall be followed in the case of every such application namely :-

(1) The applications shall be in writing address to the Board, and signed by the applicant, and shall state the grounds on which the application is made.

(2) The application shall be accompained by--

(a) A declaration made by the applicant setting forth the facts of the case, and stating that he is the practitioner originally registered:

(b) A certificate from two practitioners.

(c) Applicant's certificate, degree or diploma, and

(d) His certificate of registration in original if the same has not been already returned by him.
(3) The statements in the application shall also be verified by certificate in writing to be given by two respectable persons who are residing in the neighborhood of the place where the applicant has been residing since the removal of his name and who were and are well acquainted with him before and since the removal of his name. They shall testify to his present good character.

(4) Before the application is considered by the Board the Resistrar shall notify the same to the licensing bodies whose qualiication were held by the applicant at the time his name was removed’ and shall further, by letter addressed to the person or body (if any) on whose complaint the applicant's name has been removed, given notice of the application and of the time when the Board intends to consider the same.

(5) The Baord shall consider the application and may, if it thinks fit, adjourn the consideration thereof to a future date or require further evidence or explanation from the applicant.Go Top

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